Our Coffee is superb. Hand-selected freshly roasted coffee deep in flavour with a rich chocolate, nutty overtone. It has a lasting, pleasant aftertaste, without bitterness.


Coffee develops maximum taste when the bean is roasted until it caramelises.

Roast too much and you get an ash taste.

Roast too little like the new breed of gourmet roasters and the flavour doesn’t develop.

Perfectly roasted coffee is very hard to accomplish. This is why most roasters don’t mention it, focussing on the bean types.

Mutch and Moore obviously uses the best beans. Unlike other roasters, it then does them justice.


Our roasting process is scientifically based. We focus on knowledge applied – more specifically scientific knowledge of roasting. We have world leading technology which measures everything that moves, and leaves us with data which we match to a spectrophotometer which we then compare to the taste of the end product. And our expert production team are all world class coffee tasters able to identify any improvements required in the end product, and able to re-calibrate the roast profile to produce an optimum taste and body for that single origin coffee. Once we know that our roasted coffee has exceeded a minimum 70% rating (international standard) we have the ability to lock our roasting process onto automatic to REPRODUCE A PERFECT RESULT EVERY SINGLE TIME – for that coffee on that day. Every day requires a new calibration to determine the optimum taste result.

Which one?

We have four blends:


Mutch & Moore No 1 Tasting notes: Richness of plum followed by toffee and chocolate with citrus notes.  Particularly good as an dinner coffee it is gentle with a subtle afterglow.

Mutch & Moore No 2 Tasting notes: Our most popular blend to date, it exhibits very good all rounded structure, with obvious dark chocolate, almond and peppery characteristics, perfect for milk based coffees. A lovely clean ‘coffee’ aftertaste which dissipates slowly. This one is more-ish.

Mutch & Moore No 3 Tasting notes:  Smokey, velvety, darkest chocolate texture. For those who desire a real coffee hit. Particularly good as an early morning coffee it is meaty, rich, sweet, caramely, and with a intensely pleasant coffee aftertaste that lingers. Real afterglow.

Mutch & Moore Decaf: Smooth & chocolatey. For those who desire a  coffee hit without the caffeine without compromising!

So Enjoy!